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Kay Dee Feed Company

over 90 years of innovation
Family owned and operated since 1928, Kay Dee Feed Company has provided quality livestock supplements earning generations of loyal customers. As an industry innovator, Kay Dee pressed the first mineral block in 1932 and introduced the first waste-free granular livestock mineral in 1962.

Today, Kay Dee provides its customers with a full line of livestock mineral and protein supplements and has grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of mineral and protein supplements in the United States. By delivering the nutrition animals need to be healthy and productive, Kay Dee strives to improve every producer’s bottom line.

Kay Dee Feed Company operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa.

Our Products

Be Profitable with the Mineral and Protein Experts

Premium Granular Mineral

Super Ranger Kaydets granular minerals are weatherized and offer complete and superior nutrition.


Kay Dee granular minerals are weatherized to resist caking and will not blow away.

Mineral & Protein

Kay Dee provides optimal nutrition in a block form for the convenience of producers.

Protein & Energy

Supplement low-quality fall or winter forage and increase forage utilization.

Why Use
Chelated Minerals

Benefits of feeding chelated minerals include: Increased conception rate, Stronger immune system, and much more. LEARN MORE

Ultra-Phos: Highly
available phosphorus

Kay Dee uses Ultra-Phos® in our products. Ultra-Phos has higher phosphorus bioavailability for livestock. LEARN MORE

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Nutritional solutions to keep livestock healthy and productive.

Your Mineral

Many products are available with these medications and additives. LEARN MORE

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